Contextual has partnered with TCAG and its president, Brett Wangman, since we first started delivering content management solutions for non-profits and associations back in 2006, and it has been a truly rewarding experience for us and for our (mutual) clients.  TCAG’s full-range association management capabilities coupled with Brett’s management, technical acumen, attention to detail, and desire to help a customer achieve success lie directly with our own goals and motivations, and are really unique.

We feel as though TCAG and Brett represent the same ‘lean and mean’, value-oriented, professional and invested approach that we like to take with clients.  We’ve been close partners with TCAG and Brett over the years – long enough that Brett and I can sometimes finish each other’s thoughts – and plan to continue partnering on technical association projects with TCAG into the future.

I can’t recommend Brett and TCAG enough.  Anyone lucky (and smart) enough to work with Brett and his team at TCAG will realize they’re enjoyable to work with, actually care about their clients, and are providing more value for investment than the other options out there.

ken-wasetis-profile-smallKen Wasetis
Contextual Corp.

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