Launching a new website on a new platform—and integrating that platform with a new database and collaborative site—was a daunting prospect for our small nonprofit. Someone suggested that we seek help from Brett Wangman at TCAG, and we are forever grateful for that recommendation. Working with Brett has been a pleasure from start to finish. Brett listened carefully to our needs and asked the right questions to help us get where we needed to be. His knowledge of how nonprofits and associations operate, combined with his technical expertise and understanding of collaboration management, is a very rare and winning combination. The integration and launch went without a hitch and has worked smoothly ever since.

Brett’s support did not end with the launch; he has been there to give advice and assistance as we have needed it. I cannot think of another organization where the president—or any employee, for that matter—is as accessible, responsive, or helpful as Brett has been. We feel extremely lucky to have worked with Brett on our project and he will be our go-to partner on any future project.

Kathlin Smith CLIR
Kathlin Smith
Director of Communications
Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)